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The SEM Group for over thirty years is among the leading operators in the bottling,  production and distribution of Natural Mineral Water and of soft drinks, both its own brand and Private Labels for some of the biggest operators in the sector of major distribution chains. 

The SEM Group moreover, operates in the bottling and sale of Spring Water and Water for human use in "water coolers" and the hire of the associated refrigerators.   Read more >

The bottling and sale of Natural Mineral Water are carried out by SEM, Nuova S.A.MI.CER. and Nocera Umbra Fonti Storiche. The latter also manufactures soft drinks, while the bottling and sale of Spring Water and water for human consumption in water coolers is bottled by SEM and marketed by Water Time

The companies of the Group

 - Group Companies Operations Update - COVID-19
Nello stabilimento "GRUPPO SEM"di Fanano (MO) Read >
Gruppo SEM da oltre 30 anni tra i principali operatori
attivi nella produzione, imbottigliamento e distribuzione di Acque Minerali
da 0 a 350 milioni di bottiglie l’anno

A model of businness

The holder of 4 mining concessions for the extraction of mineral water, the Group operates through 4 production factories and 25 logistics centres and is subdivided into two areas of synergic operations, Mineral Water and soft drinks/water coolers.

The geographical proximity of the natural springs to the distribution market means SEM is in a unique position, with a distinctive business model, able to supervise the entire production chain, from the collection of the water right through to the distribution of the end product.

From producion

Guarda il video dell'imbottigliamento dell'Acqua in Boccioni nel nostri stabilimenti di Fanano (Modena)

Natural Mineral Water
The Monte Cimone Natural Mineral WaterFonte Ventasso Mineral Natural Water, Sorgente Angelica Natural Mineral Water 
 and the Santa Lucia Natural Mineral Water

Water Coolers: 
The Edea Water 
(recognised as “Spring Water" by the Italian Ministry of Health) and the Gemma Water

Soft Drinks: 
Nocera Umbra Soft Drinks e Nocera Umbra Zero

The aim of the S.E.M. Group is to ensure the customer has a product that meets the legal requirements, as well as the highest qualitative standards of the individual categories of product.  Read more >
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