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Type of Water

Mineral water is characterised by its origin in deep, protected and uncontaminated deposits.  It is bacteriologically pure at source and not subject to disinfection treatment.  It is bottled at source and is by law constant in composition and temperature.  The identity of each mineral water is established by the consistent content of salts dissolved in it.  Mineral water is subject to periodic controls both by the Health Authority and the company’s own Control System.
Water intended for human consumption (tap water) may originate from several sources: from deep or surface layers, collected from rivers and lakes, which produce its characteristics. By its very nature, tap water usually requires treatment to disinfect it and make it drinkable.  The disinfection (usually using chlorine) implies the presence of chemical substance that change the chemical and organoleptic features of the water. In fact, the law lays down the control of certain parameters of drinking water (for example, chlorites) which are not laid down for mineral water.
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