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Environmentally sustainable processes

Upstream of the production process, there is the operation to collect the water from the four springs managed under license by the companies of the Group in northern and central Italy (“Ospitale” Spring – Modena; “Monte Pizzarotta Fonte Santa Lucia” Spring – Reggio Emilia; “Flaminia” Spring – Perugia; “Angelica” Spring – Perugia).

The SEM Group operates with production and commercial facilities located close to its customers, thereby allowing the reduction of atmospheric pollution produced by road transport.

The water is extracted from the deposits and bottled using advanced technological processes that preserve the original quality and the chemical-physical characteristics. The company carefully and constantly supervises all production phases through specific departments dedicated to quality control, in order to guarantee customers a product that not only meets the legal requirements but also fulfils the highest quality standards in terms of the naturalness and sustainability of the production phases.

An advanced system of control and management of the collection process which optimises the use of the water resource and, at the same time, ensures production flexibility to meet the fluctuations in demand for the product in the course of the year.

The environmental sustainability initiatives promoted by the SEM Group are based on the research of solutions to reduce the impact of the costs of the packaging on the finish product, optimising the quantity of PET in order to reduce the environmental impact of plastic containers.

The SEM Group has collaborated for more than three years with the Organic Chemistry and Biology department of Modena and Reggio Emilia University in carrying out specific analyses both of the water and packaging materials, such as caps and bottles. This collaboration comes within the ambit of Research and Development which allows the company to analyse the materials used, assessing their performance and respective production costs with the twin aim of constantly improving the quality of existing materials and developing new ones.
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